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Showcasing Saltford's history

The creation and development of Saltford Heritage Centre will be a continuous and evolving process. The mobile and flexible display about Saltford's fascinating history will be based at St Mary's Church Hall, Queen Square, Saltford BS31 3EL.

This project is a partnership between St Mary's Parochial Church Council and Saltford Environment Group (history project) and will support special events, illustrated talks and heritage learning sessions (e.g. for our local school). It will also provide a base from which to launch new discoveries about our past and for topic-based feature displays.


Roman gilded brooch (c.200-350AD) complete with black glass gemstone found in Saltford in 2016 by Bob Mordle.


Saltford Heritage Centre: Starting to take shape

St Mary's Church Hall (2016)

Whilst the development and planning for the centre is still in its early stages, discussions and planning behind the scenes continue to take place for this volunteer run community resource.

SEG should like to thank everyone who took the time to answer our short online survey from 14 September to the end of December 2016. Although the response rate was fairly low, and thus typical for surveys of this nature, the enthusiasm for the idea of establishing a Heritage Centre at the Church Hall in Saltford, for SEG's history project and the range of supportive ideas and comments were encouraging to read.

All respondents were in favour and 98% would visit the centre at least once or twice a year with 38% interested in visiting the centre more than twice a year. Whilst SEG's Online Museum had the highest single preference (35%) for finding out about Saltford's history, those preferring the Heritage Centre or having no preference was 57%. Most respondents (36%) were in the 35-44 age range.

These comments from the online survey are typical of the responses we have received:

"Ideal venue for the local and wider community"

"It's a great idea, for local people and for visitors"

"It's important that the Heritage Centre doesn't become just a collection of artefacts... Outreach to our local schools and other cultural centres, e.g. the Brass Mill, would help keep it fresh"

"SEG's history project is great; the heritage centre would complement the online material"

We are in regular contact with the Parochial Church Council as plans unfold for the church hall's redecoration and other internal improvements, and we shall aim to keep residents and SEG members informed as plans develop further. We aim to have the early beginnings of the Heritage Centre ready for the Saltford Festival in June 2017.

December 2016/January 2017


The high level of interest gained by Saltford Environment Group's History of Saltford project and in particular our Online Museum and discussions with residents, community organisations and others, has shown that there is strong desire for people to know about their local history and have access to see and learn more about Saltford's fascinating past and its ancient artefacts.

Likewise SEG has been keen to make sure that the findings of its unique history project is accessible to everyone and this includes putting the artefacts on display in a Saltford Heritage Centre that will be in a public location and that will be developed so that the artefacts and display boards can be temporarily moved to other venues (e.g. Saltford school) for special events, illustrated talks and learning sessions. It would also provide a base from which to launch into the public domain interesting new finds or create topic-based feature displays such as "Roman Saltford".

The project team's vision is to create "a community enhancing heritage centre that, through the preservation and promotion of history, cherishes the importance of leaving legacies towards a shared future."

We have held and continute to hold detailed discussions with St Mary's Church PCC on a joint collaboration to create a new Saltford Heritage Centre within the church hall on the first floor with use of the other larger rooms on the ground and first floors for presentation talks etc. using modern audio visual equipment. This would be part of a refresh and update of the facilities at the hall in Queen Square. The church hall is in the centre of Saltford's Conservation Area and will make an excellent start and/or finishing point for guided history walks of the village.

On 22nd September 2016 after several meetings with SEG the Parochial Church Council agreed in principle for the Heritage Centre to be located within St. Mary's Church Hall.

The creation and development of the Heritage Centre will be a continuous process commencing from 2016/17 as funding support is achieved from local and national funding sources. As our collection of artefacts grows the project will gradually expand as an evolving local resource.

St Mary's Church Hall, 2016.

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Saltford Church of England Primary School has informed SEG it fully endorses the proposed Heritage Centre. It sees the proposed centre as a valuable asset to the teaching of history at the school and would be used regularly by all staff and children. The school is already using SEG's History of Saltford project, which contains a wealth of information about the history of Saltford and thus enables "staff to have access to a huge range of quality resources including documents and photographs to allow the children's study of local history to come alive."

We have received endorsements for the proposed centre from The Keynsham and Saltford Local History Society and the Friends of Saltford Library.

The Heritage Centre project is generously supported by:

Councillor Emma Dixon (Ward Councillors Initiative Fund)

Saltford Parish Council (grant to St Mary's PCC)


If you want to know more about the proposed centre or your organisation would like to give financial sponsorship support for this exciting project, do contact SEG's Chairman, Phil Harding.

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Collections Development Policy


Saltford Heritage Centre has been created as a community facility to display and provide information on Saltford's social, cultural, archaeological, and natural history.

It shall hold a chosen collection of objects, fine art, photographs, postcards, maps, printed and audio-visual material pertaining to the history of Saltford with the objective of making these available for members of the public to see at specially organised events and visits.

With limited space, the selection and choice of display items whether loaned or owned by Saltford Environment Group/the Heritage Centre will be subject to prior selection by SEG's History Project under the terms of the Heritage Centre's collections development policy. Although the Heritage Centre aims to follow the Museum Association code of ethics and associated guidance (such as SPECTRUM) it is not an accredited museum.

You can download our collections development policy here (pdf opens in new window):-

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The Church Hall, then Queen's School, in the early 1900s.


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The Heritage Centre project is generously supported by:

Councillor Emma Dixon
(Ward Councillors Initiative Fund)

Saltford Parish Council
(grant to St Mary's PCC)

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