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SEG's guide for making an effective response to 1,300 houses in our Green Belt in the B&NES Local Plan can be found on this page here >>.

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Objection reasons for 1,300 new houses in Saltford's Green Belt!

B&NES Council launches Local Plan Options Consultation

SPC takes firm line responding to B&NES Council on landscape designation request

Public statement from SEG on the Local Plan options totalling 1,300 houses in Saltford's Green Belt

Shock at 1,300 houses on Saltford's Green Belt in Local Plan "options"

Local Plan: SPC reaffirms its Saltford South landscape designation bid

Big Garden Birdwatch 26 - 28 Jan

Help from SPC for Saltford's hedgehogs!

Saltford railway station back on track?

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Objection reasons for 1,300 new houses in Saltford's Green Belt!

February 2024

Don't lose our Green Belt!

SEG's guide on how residents can make an effective response to the two Saltford options in the BaNES Local Plan Options Consultation is now available here on our website.

If the two Saltford options are put into the new Local Plan for 2022-2042, they would add 1,300 houses and a new school on our Green Belt.

The options under consideration are Saltford West (500 houses) adjacent to Grange Road and South Saltford (800 houses) adjacent to Montague Road, Manor Road. A new primary school would accompany either or both options.

You can download the 2-page SEG guide here:-

Printed copies of the SEG guide are also available from the Saltford Community Library & Post Office. The guide has been endorsed by our BaNES Saltford Ward Councillors, Cllr Duncan Hounsell and Cllr Alison Streatfeild-James.

BaNES Council has arranged a drop-in exhibition for Saltford on Thursday 29th February from 3pm to 7pm at Saltford Hall. Views expressed at the exhibition will NOT form part of the formal consultation. You might like to attend the drop-in exhibition before making your response, but whatever you do, make sure you make your response to BaNES so that it is received before 5pm on 8th April. Printed copies of SEG's guide will be available there too.

This is your opportunity to help defend the Green Belt from inappropriate development. Remember, responses need to be based on planning reasons for them to have an effect. SEG's guide is to help you do that.

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B&NES Council launches Local Plan Options Consultation

February 2024

On the afternoon of 12th February B&NES Council launched the Local Plan Options Consultation. Responses can only be made online via a dedicated webpage for that purpose; the 8-week consultation period runs until 5pm on 8th April.

Before you submit your own response, e.g. to give your reasons why the options to develop parcels of Saltford's Green Belt with new housing developments are totally inappropriate and undermine the purposes of the Green Belt, you are advised to wait for SEG to publish guidance on making an effective response. We aim to publish that advice here on this web page within days and well before the consultation deadline.

B&NES is arranging drop-in exhibitions where you can find out more. There will be display boards, and planning and highways officers in attendance. We understand that views expressed at the exhibition will NOT form part of the formal consultation.

The event scheduled for Saltford will be held on Thursday 29th February from 3pm to 7pm at Saltford Hall; SEG hopes to be present and hand out leaflets on how to respond to the inappropriate proposals. The Keynsham drop-in exhibition event will be at Keynsham Community Space on 22nd February (3pm - 7pm).

Link to the consultation on B&NES website:-


Saltford Parish Council has announced it will resolve its response to the consultation at its 5th March meeting.

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SPC takes firm line responding to B&NES Council on landscape designation request

February 2024


SEG is very supportive of the strong line Saltford Parish Council has taken in responding to B&NES Council following its rejection of the Parish Council's bid for landscape protection at 'Saltford South', requesting that B&NES Council reconsiders the basis of its views and decision. The response was resolved at SPC's meeting on 6th February and sent the next day.

This was such a robust response making a clear case for protecting the landscapes and their wildlife habitat that are valued by local communities that we are reproducing the text in full. This is so that members of the community can see and understand the case made on their behalf. SPC said in its response:-

   On behalf of the local community that we represent, Saltford Parish Council (SPC) is disappointed that the bid has seemingly been rejected by B&NES Council at this early stage in the Local Plan drafting stage. It appears that no formal criteria and decision-making process within B&NES Council for reaching that decision has been used, which SPC considers to be a matter of great concern.

   It is evident that B&NES Council does not have a formal process for Parish Councils to apply for a landscape designation in the Local Plan process where a community places great value on the natural, historic and environmental attributes of a local landscape, despite the requirements of the NPPF (version December 2023, paragraph 180) that planning policies and decisions should contribute to and enhance the natural and local environment including protecting and enhancing valued landscapes.

   In the absence of that formal application process, SPC would have appreciated greater consideration of its detailed application, submitted in January 2023 and reaffirmed in January 2024, and the opportunity to discuss it properly. Instead, it was dismissed, almost as an aside, at a meeting with your planning officers in November 2023 and then confirmed by your email of 25th January after SPC submitted a reaffirmation of its request. No opportunity has been given for SPC to receive a fair hearing by B&NES Council. SPC appreciates that B&NES Council has a significant administrative task in delivering a new Local Plan, but that is not a reason to dismiss serious and locally important applications for landscape designations, such as that submitted by SPC.

   Each application that may arise should be examined on its merit if B&NES Council genuinely wants to protect nature, the local environment and the individual character of the settlements within its area. Perhaps if B&NES Council did have a formal application process, it would be less nervous about allowing Parish Councils to have the temerity to ask it to protect landscapes that contain natural habitats and green open spaces that are greatly valued by the local community.

   To inform SPC that the B&NES Council decision to reject its landscape designation request is based on the 2017 Placemaking Plan, when landscape designations were last assessed, is an inappropriate means of determining landscape value in 2024.

   The 2017 Placemaking Plan, in itself, does not have the force of law. It is an 'intentions document' and, as such, recognises that many of the data upon which such plans might be made will become quickly redundant. What the 2017 Placemaking Plan did not change, however, is the Housing Development Boundary surrounding Saltford. The plan stated, "Saltford Village meets the criteria of a Policy RA1 settlement. Housing development can come forward within the Housing Development Boundary (HDB). However, opportunities outside the HDB are limited and will be considered in the context of Green Belt Policy. There are currently no exceptional circumstances to change the Green Belt boundary to enable housing to come forward" (Vol. 5, paragraph 133, page 39). Nowhere in the Placemaking Plan does it state that AGLV (or similar) proposals would not be allowed to be considered by council members. There is therefore no basis for its rejection.

   Since 2017, the loss of parcels of open landscape to new or forthcoming developments between Keynsham and Saltford, for example the Hygge Park, Withies Green, and Pixash Lane Recycling Centre expansion developments, means that the remaining green open landscape and in particular the Green Belt surrounding Saltford is now of even greater value to the local community and to wildlife. Its value has been amplified greatly since 2017, not diminished, yet our Local Planning Authority is unwilling to recognise that its own planning policy decisions that have led to so much loss of green open spaces has had such an effect.

   That increase in value since 2017 means that all of the remaining Green Belt surrounding Saltford's housing area, i.e. Saltford South and Saltford North which contains important wildlife habit and green open spaces with PROW footpaths, should be granted "NE2A Landscape Setting of Settlements" status, or similar, to reflect that reality.

   Saltford North was not included in SPC's landscape designation request as it already has several protections (e.g. River Avon SNCI, flood plain, Conservation Area setting, SSSI, Anglo Saxon Burial Ground, CAA regulations re. safeguarding Saltford Airfield, Cotswolds National Landscape proximity).

   However, in view of B&NES Council's disappointing attitude towards protecting important landscapes, SPC will now consider whether to expand the original request whilst considering other means of achieving protection in the absence of support from our Local Planning Authority. SPC obviously reserves the right to appeal to the Secretary of State.

   Furthermore, as SPC made clear in its reaffirmation paper, the Environment Act 2021 and its Environmental Principles Policy Statement (EPPS) from 1st November 2023 puts an even greater emphasis on the natural environment in the NPPF. In announcing the latest update of the NPPF on 19th December 2023, Secretary of State Michael Gove said: "England's cities are already less dense than those of most of our European neighbours. That is environmentally wasteful and economically inefficient. We seek to support the gentle densification of urban areas in preference to the erosion of Green Belt land. That is why the Government is ensuring it is clear there is generally no requirement on local authorities to review or alter Green Belt boundaries if this would be the only way to meet housing need." SPC is asking and imploring B&NES Council to comply with the spirit and intent of national planning and environmental policies.

   Despite this disagreement with our Local Planning Authority on such an important matter for the community that we represent, SPC will, of course, continue to engage with the Local Plan options and drafting consultation process.

   The draft Local Plan stage, when B&NES Council will confirm its position in respect of the landscape around Saltford, seems too late in the process, irreversible decisions may have been made, so it is important that dialogue between B&NES Council Planners and SPC Councillors continues before then.

   Indeed, we note your comment that for "the landscape setting defined for Saltford, the question will be posed in the Options Document as to whether stakeholders agree with the current designation, or whether they consider that the designation should be changed." SPC hopes you will listen to the real stakeholders in local landscapes, the local community, and not vested interests who merely see an opportunity for short-term financial gain, then leave the community to live with the consequences of inappropriate development. Our landscapes are an intrinsic part of our heritage and the reason why people live where they do.

~ ~

It was also resolved at SPC's 6th February meeting to urgently seek the support of Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg MP regarding the Parish Council's request for landscape designation at 'Saltford South'. SPC has since requested a meeting with Sir Jacob and members of its Local Plan Working Group. The Working Group's members are Cllr Phil Harding (Planning Chair), Cllr Jon Godfrey (SPC Chair), Cllr David Halton (Vice Chair), and Cllr Gary Graveling.

This is reported on SPC's website; the news item can be found from this link:- SPC - landscape designation response.


Landscape Designation Request for Saltford South
To read the original case submitted by SPC in January 2023 and the reaffirmation paper approved and submitted in January 2024, click on the links below (pdf files open in new window) :-

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Public statement from SEG on the Local Plan options totalling 1,300 houses in Saltford's Green Belt

January 2024


The following is a public statement by SEG responding to the inappropriate Local Plan options to build on Saltford's Green Belt. It is from the speech given by our Chair, Phil Harding, at the packed public meeting held in Saltford Hall on the evening of Friday 26th January.

Most of us want the same from the new Local Plan: protection of green open spaces, protection of agricultural land and protection of natural habitats to assist recovery from the ecological emergency, and new affordable homes in the right places.

The task of defending Saltford's Green Belt from the new Local Plan process seems daunting. However, in 2013 our community stopped Crest Nicholson's appeal to get planning permission to build 99 homes on our Green Belt south of Manor Road.

In the run up to the 4-day appeal inquiry in August 2013, several people in the village told me we would never win, some said "why bother?". Well, we knew our case was right, and we won.

The Secretary of State called in the Inquiry decision and in March 2014 dismissed the appeal by Crest Nicholson. I fully agree with the Secretary of State's reasoning for dismissing the appeal, he gave the same reasons SEG had submitted and represented as evidence to the Inquiry.

The Secretary of State in reaching his decision said this would be "an unacceptable reduction of the Green Belt in that area" and gave national planning policy reasons for his decision. These included harm to the Green Belt's openness, and its purpose of preventing encroachment into the countryside for which he said the proposed development would represent considerable harm. There are no new exceptional circumstances to suggest the situation has changed.

Usefully, legislative help in our favour has recently arrived on the scene. The Government's new Environmental Protection Policy Statement came into effect last November under the Environment Act 2021. It explicitly strengthens the policy case for protecting the natural environment from the effects of human activity and supports the maintenance, restoration or enhancement of the natural environment.

This secondary legislation specifically covers "national policy statements, strategies and frameworks". Thus, it covers the National Planning Policy Framework, known as the NPPF, from which Local Planning Authorities like BANES are required to produce Local Plans. So, each new or revised Local Plan has to comply with the new Environmental Protection Policy Statement.

Our Ward Councillors, the Parish Council and SEG are collectively determined to protect the Green Belt. I hope and I am sure most of Saltford's residents feel the same.

If we as a community don't make a strong case to stop inappropriate development, piece by piece Saltford will become a town, lose its rural village status and will be consumed within a continuous urban sprawl from Bristol.

The green open landscape of our precious Green Belt will be lost forever, and wildlife will lose important habitat that cannot be replaced in a short or medium timescale.

Saltford South provides support for endangered wild bird species. That is 20 red-listed species including Merlin, Mistle Thrush, Redpoll, Skylark, Spotted Flycatcher, and Woodcock, and 26 amber-listed species including Kestrel, Reed Bunting, Sedge Warbler, Snipe, Song Thrush, Sparrowhawk, Tawny Owl, Whitethroat, and Willow Warbler, as well as other spectacular bird species that may also become endangered if habitats continue to be lost.

It is not Saltford's turn or duty to take even more houses. Saltford's population has grown by a significant 36% since 1961, and a massive 114% since 1951. The point where enough is enough has been met.

There are other reasons why our Green Belt should be protected. Here are just three key reasons:-

   Firstly, 81% of BANES is farmland compared to a UK figure of 71%. So, BANES does and can make a useful contribution to the nation's food production at a time when the UK depends on importing a massive 40% of its net food requirements. We cannot rely on other countries to make such a high contribution to our food needs in the future against a background of a growing world population and climate change. To destroy our countryside is irresponsible. How will the generations that follow us be fed securely and affordably if the countryside is constantly depleted? Don't blight the land that feeds you.

   Secondly, Traffic congestion results in economic loss and lowers the quality of life for residents. The cumulative effect of new housing in Keynsham and South Gloucestershire etc. is already causing serious traffic congestion during morning and early evening peak times not just in Keynsham, but through Saltford. Our local roads can't take new housing developments.

   Thirdly, Building on open countryside in the Green Belt reduces the quality of life for rural and city dwellers alike. The countryside is important for our mental and physical well-being. We want to protect the Green Belt not just for ourselves and for wildlife, but for those who live in local towns and cities and appreciate being able to get out of town and into open countryside relatively quickly.

To build new housing developments on Saltford's Green Belt would not be sustainable development by any stretch of the imagination and would be contrary to any rational interpretation of Government planning and environmental policies.

After the Local Plan consultation is launched by BANES on 12th February, SEG aims to provide guidance to Saltford's residents on how to submit effective responses. So, keep a watch on SEG's website and if you are on Facebook, follow SEG's page there where we have over 1,000 followers and will post high profile news items on the consultation. SEG's Green Belt Campaign Team is ready to spring into action as necessary.

Local landscapes belong to local communities - they are an intrinsic part of our heritage and the reason why we live where we do. To give longer term protection of our Green Belt, the Parish Council's formal request for a landscape designation for Saltford South in the draft Local Plan is important and strongly supported by SEG. To succeed, that request will need the support of residents too.

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Shock at 1,300 houses on Saltford's Green Belt in Local Plan "options"

January 2024

map image
map image

The new BANES Local Plan for the area will include a new strategy and policies to guide and manage growth, development and change in the city, towns and villages over the next 18 years, i.e. for the period 2022-2042.

On 1st February at a "Special Meeting", the BANES Cabinet will be asked to approve the public consultation in February/March for land parcel options for development. The papers for that meeting were published on 24th January and the consultation is planned to run from c.12th February.

As can be seen from the maps above, two large areas of Saltford's Green Belt have been identified and proposed for consideration:-

  • "West Saltford", 500 houses adjacent to Grange Road, and
  • "South Saltford", 800 houses and a village shop adjacent to Montague Road and Manor Road

Each option includes a new school.

The Cabinet Meeting papers can be found on the BANES website from this link >>

Public meeting in Saltford

To provide more information about this important issue, there will be a public meeting in Saltford Hall on Friday 26th January at 7pm.

This information sharing event has been organised by our Ward Councillors and will be independently chaired. Speakers will be:

Cllr Jon Godfrey (Chair, Saltford Parish Council)
Cllr Phil Harding (Chair of Planning, SPC, but speaking as SEG Chair at this event)
Cllr Matt McCabe (BANES Cabinet Member - Planning)
Cllr Duncan Hounsell (Ward Councillor)
Cllr Alison Streatfeild-James (Ward Councillor)

You are encouraged to attend the meeting - bring your neighbour too - to show your support to SEG and others in resisting the inappropriate development of Saltford's Green Belt.

Unsurprisingly, SEG is strongly opposed to development of either of the two Saltford options. There are very good planning, environmental, transport, and other reasons to show they are totally inappropriate and would be highly damaging, not just for Saltford, but also the wider area.

Our Ward Councillors, Cllr Duncan Hounsell and Cllr Alison Streatfield-James, have issued a joint statement about the proposals:-

   "We are opposed to the large-scale housing options proposed at Saltford. We will fulfil our election promise to work to protect the Green Belt at Saltford. These options are ones suggested by the planning department about where housing could go not should go. There are many planning reasons why the options at Saltford should not be used to meet the wider area's future housing needs. Saltford is a large rural village. These options would change the essential character of Saltford."


To assist residents in making effective responses to the 12th February - 25th March 6-week consultation, SEG will provide advice and guidance on our website. The Secretary of State's reasons in 2014 for opposing 99 new houses on Saltford's Green Belt south of Manor Road apply equally, if not more so, today as they did ten years ago. So, watch this website & follow SEG on Facebook!

Don't let this be the end of Saltford as a rural Somerset village.


Landscape Designation Request for Saltford South
To read the original case submitted by SPC in January 2023 and the reaffirmation paper approved and submitted in January 2024, click on the links below (pdf files open in new window) :-

Local Plan
The main BANES web page about the draft Local Plan is at this link >>

BANES Local Plan timetable
Subject to adjustment when/if slippage occurs, this is at this link >>

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Local Plan: SPC reaffirms its Saltford South landscape designation bid

January 2024


At its monthly meeting on the evening of 9th January, Saltford Parish Council unanimously voted to submit a detailed paper to B&NES Council 'Landscape Designation for Saltford South: Reaffirmation of application with outcome options' and to share the paper in the public domain for wider awareness. The SPC announcement can be found on its website from this link >>

The paper, prepared by SPC's Local Plan Working Group, asks B&NES Council to provide information that would enable SPC to understand why the Council allegedly does not accept the AGLV (Area of Great Landscape Value) landscape designation bid submitted by SPC in January 2023 and asks "to be provided with appropriate minutes of Council meetings to elucidate the process by which that decision was made as well as the ciriteria used to underpin that decision."

The paper also states that "to fail to provide a landscape designation to Saltford South would be a contravention by the Local Planning Authority (i.e. B&NES Council) of the spirit and intent of national planning policies and the over-arching legislation (EA 2021 and the EPPS 2023)."

The reaffirmation paper provides both an update on a new legal duty under the Environment Act 2021 and other policies that have emerged since the original bid in January 2023, and provides outcome options for the Saltford South landscape resolved by SPC at its 9th January 2024 meeting. It also provides the planning context, that has already been assessed by the Secretary of State, and compliance.

SPC has provided B&NES Council with three options that would be acceptable to the Parish Council and these are detailed in the paper that can be downloaded here as a pdf:-

To read the original case submitted by SPC a year ago in January 2023 and that is attached to the reaffirmation paper approved on 9th January 2024, click on the links below (pdf files open in new window) :-

COPYRIGHT NOTE - Permission to reproduce or publish photographs in the case paper and/or its annex including requests for high resolution versions should be sought directly from Phil Harding via email (see SEG's Home page for email contact details).

SEG fully supports this robust approach taken by SPC and the reaffirmation case made for securing Saltford's valuable landscape for nature and for existing and future generations.

As SEG has said previously, local landscapes belong to local communities - they are an intrinsic part of our heritage and the reason why we live where we do. Local Planning Authorities have a duty to respond positively to the wishes of communities that value their local green spaces, especially at a time of heightened concerns about the ecological and climate emergencies.


The Local Plan 2022-2042 Options document is due to be considered by the B&NES Council Cabinet on 1st February for approval for public consultation during February/March. The options are likely to become known from 24th January when the papers for the 1st February Cabinet meeting are published online by B&NES Council.

Saltford's Ward Councillors are to hold a public meeting 26th January, 7pm at Saltford Hall.

SEG will keep members updated via our website, facebook page, and ad-hoc newsletters. SEG will provide information on how to respond to the public consultation so that we can make sure Saltford's voice is heard and our Green Belt protected.


The new Local Plan for the area will include a new strategy and policies to guide and manage growth, development and change in the city, towns and villages over the next 18 years, i.e. for the period 2022-2042.

The main B&NES web page about the draft Local Plan is at this link >>

The B&NES Local Plan timetable (subject to adjustment when/if slippage occurs) is at this link >>

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Big Garden Birdwatch 26 - 28 Jan

January 2024


Big Garden Birdwatch is for everyone, whether you're a complete beginner or a birding expert. Simply count the birds you see in your garden, from your balcony or in your local park for one hour between 26 and 28 January 2023.

  • Choose an hour between 26 and 28 January
  • Only record the birds that land in your patch
  • Record the highest number of each bird species you see at any one time

Taking part is easy and this is a great chance to sit back, relax and watch birds and other wildlife for an hour - and to encourage younger members of your family to develop an interest in the local wildlife. By taking part, you'll find out all about the fascinating wildlife that flutters, crawls and hops in your garden, balcony or local area. And with a simple hour of mindful watching, you could have an hour to yourself, too.

Full details including resources and ideas with tips on making your garden an attractive place for birds to visit can be found on the RSPB website from this link:- RSPB Birdwatch.

You can also find more information on social media using the hashtag #BigGardenBirdWatch.

Don't forget that taking a wildlife-friendly gardening approach, including the provision of water, rather than putting out copious amounts of bird food, is much more beneficial to birds and other wildlife as it helps to re-introduce the natural features that are much reduced due to habitat loss and intensive farming methods. It can be a more helpful approach than disrupting or unbalancing different bird populations through heavy food provision that favours some species over others. Growing native species of plants in your garden, mowing your lawn less, and not removing dead leaves etc. from your flower beds in the autumn and winter that provide winter habitat and a food source for insects, can help sustain a healthier local birdlife.

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Help from SPC for Saltford's hedgehogs!

December 2023

Leaving a gap under your side gate helps!

SEG welcomes the recent "Hedgehog Highway" initiative from Saltford Parish Council. In 2020, hedgehogs were added to the red list of British mammals, categorised as 'vulnerable to extinction'. Helping hedgehogs to pass freely through your garden is one of the most important actions residents can take to support them as they struggle to survive. To help the hedgehogs, SPC is giving away 'Hedgehog Highway' signs to encourage residents to create hedgehog highways in residential areas in the village.

Saltford's residents can help make life easier for local hedgehogs by removing barriers and improving connectivity between gardens. Creating holes in or under garden fences (13cm by 13cm so pets can't escape) will enable hedgehogs pass from garden to garden.

Details on how Saltford residents can get involved and obtain free Hedgehog Highway signs can be found on SPC's website from this link >>

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Saltford railway station back on track?

December 2023


Cllr Duncan Hounsell, Saltford ward councillor (right of photo), and Cllr Jon Godfrey, Chair Saltford Parish Council (left of photo), met the West of England Metro Mayor Dan Norris to discuss a re-opened railway station at Saltford on 14th December.

The West of England combined authority (WECA) led by Mayor Dan Norris has sole responsibility for strategic transport issues in our area. WECA is expected to commission a new stations feasibility study which will include considering the case for a station at Saltford in March. Dan Norris re-affirmed his positive view about a station at Saltford and said he would approve the funding for this study.

Cllr Hounsell said "The creation of WECA and then large-scale changes to railway timetables have meant that previous studies had become out of date. The new WECA study will consider the feasibility and business case for Saltford. The Station project is now back on track and I thank the Mayor for his support."

Cllr Godfrey said "The meeting was very positive. The Mayor spoke about all needing to work together to make a Saltford station happen and I endorse that approach."

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Executive Committee: Want to help steer SEG?

SEG is seeking new Executive Committee members to help steer and develop SEG's role in the community as we address the environmental concerns of our members at the local level. If you think you might like to get involved and join our Executive Committee (enthusiasm is more important than expertise!), please contact our Chairman, Phil Harding, for an informal non-committal chat.

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